About the Project

The purpose of this project is to explore Nicaragua’s “lost” murals that were painted during the revolutionary period of the early 1980s and destroyed in the 1990s. An archive of slides photographed by David Schwartz, a previous professor at Albright College, contains hundreds of images taken in Nicaragua from the 1970s-1980s, including photographs of murals.

Over the summer of 2016, Dr. Karen Jogan and I were awarded an Albright ACRE award and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to review approximately 2,000 of David’s slides and digitize over 400. Throughout our examination, we identified murals, cities and political figures in the images that David took in Nicaragua. In addition, several publishers, including institutes in Nicaragua, expressed interest in gaining access to David’s images.

Dr. Jogan and I received another ACRE award for the winter interim 2017 to continue work on David’s archive. His slides are currently being uploaded onto the digital archive of Albright’s library. The findings from David’s archive will contribute to recovering images of the “lost” murals of Nicaragua, which will have a significant historical and emotional impact for the people involved in the Sandinista Revolution, many of whom are alive today.

A Special Thanks to…

Mary Attili

(not pictured) After David passed away in 2006, his wife, Mary Attili preserved the archive of slides. She provided Dr. Jogan and me with access to David’s slide archive and supported us throughout our research.

Additional Thanks to…

  • Maria Elena Arias Zelidon
  • Rev. Mike Clark
  • Dr. Guillaume de Syon
  • Kelly Tanger

David Schwartz

David traveled extensively to Nicaragua during a period of revolution when most Americans would not have taken the risk. Although David passed away in 2006, he documented his time there by photographing images that are pieces of history and preserving these images for future generations.

Dr. Karen Jogan

Dr. Karen Jogan, Spanish professor of Albright College, gained access to David Schwartz’s archive of slides through his wife, Mary Attili. Dr. Jogan organized, developed, and oversaw the examination and digitalization of David’s slides. In addition, Dr. Jogan reviewed Spanish translations, planned excursions, encouraged conference work, and reached out to faculty and Albright and beyond … Continue reading Dr. Karen Jogan

Rev. Paul Clark

Rev. Paul Clark, a colleague and friend of David Schwartz’s, offered sincere support throughout this project. He met with Dr. Karen Jogan and me on numerous occasions and assisted us in the identification and comprehension of David’s slides. In addition, he connected us with his brother, Rev. Mike Clark, who had also traveled to Nicaragua … Continue reading Rev. Paul Clark