About David Schwartz

David Schwartz was a talented photographer and emeritus economics professor for 35 years at Albright College who also taught Latin American studies courses and was a foreign-student advisor. He visited Nicaragua extensively during the late 1970s and early-mid 1980s. During this period of the Sandinista revolution, David took thousands of photographs.  Although David passed away in 2006 at 70 years old, he left behind a large archive containing slides that were taken during his time in Nicaragua and Cuba. Dr. Karen Jogan and I gained access to his historical archive of slides through his wife, Mary Attili. Read David’s full obituary on Albright’s website.

Involvement in the Witness for Peace
The Witness for Peace was founded in 1983 as a response to combat the funding of the Contras backed by the Reagan administration in Nicaragua. According to the Witness for Peace website, “U.S. citizens traveled to Nicaragua’s war zones to witness firsthand the effects of our government’s policies.” David was one of these brave Americans who traveled to Nicaragua on multiple trips throughout the early-mid 1980s to express North American solidarity with the Nicaraguan people. David was a part of this group, but he also traveled to Nicaragua before the foundation of the Witness for Peace, as his slides taken in Nicaragua date back to being processed as early as 1981.

David’s full-color images recover the story of the “lost” Nicaraguan murals and can be found throughout this site.